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Our story

Silver City Baking Company established in February 2019 is located in the heart of Central New York. Andrea Maranville, it’s founder, owner and operator, sought to create a business based using quality ingredients to prepare small batch and hadcrafted items resulting in exceptional and presentation and flavor. In a world of artificial ingredients, preservatives and colors, Andrea takes her recipes back to the way they are intended and made with wholesome ingredients. The core philosoply of Silver City Baking Company is based on passion, hard work, integrity in ingredients used and exceeding expectations. Andrea has earned a reputation of excellence as one of the top amatuer bakers in the country and turned her passion into Silver City Baking Company.


Our philosophY

At Silver City Baking Company we pride ourselves on excellence in customer service, quality of ingredients, under promising and over delivering to exceed expectations with taste and presentation. We focus on small batch, hand crafted sweet and savory foods that are bursting with flavor with exquisite presentation. Time and attention goes into every item created in our kitchen and we are proud of every item we create.


Follow Andrea on @sweetlifeofabaker on INSTAGRAM to see what she is making!